Products Name:
Guanidine Hydrochloride
Structure Formula:

Molecular Formula:


Annual output:
99% 2,000Tons , 99.5% 500Tons
Molecular Weight:
CAS No.:

Used as intermediate for medicine, pesticide, dyes and other organic composition, important material for producing sulfanilamides drugs and antistatic agent of synthetic fiber.

Packing, Storage and Transportation:
25 KG kraft paper bags.
Quality index:


Item Technical index
  Industrial grade  Medical grade
Main content≥% 99.00                          99.50
Moisture content≤% 0.50                             0.30
Ash content≤% 0.50                             0.05
Water-solubility test Qualified                   Qualified
Absorbance(280NM)                                      0.051
Absorbance(260NM)                                      0.220
Absorbance(240NM)                                      0.685
Absorbance(230NM)                                      0.959
Absorbance(225NM)                                      1.395
Appearance White crystal              White crystal

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